Pros and Cons

Why Choose a Hawaiian Fiberglass Pool?

Gunite Pools

Blue Hawaiian explains pros and cons about Guinite pools.


  • Unlimited design capabilities
  • Permanent home improvement


  • Unlimited design capabilities
  • Permanent home improvement
  • 4-8 week installation by subleased contractors
  • Concrete shows through around the pool's edges
  • The surface is rough and abrassive and also stains and discolors easily
  • Pourous surface is a breeding ground for algae and other micro-bacteria
  • Cracks in freeze-thaw climates and requires acid washing and replastering
  • High maintenance; monthly pool service required, excessive use of chemicals and electricity.

Fiberglass Pools

Blue Hawaiian explains pros and cons about Fiberglass pools.


  • Quick installation (3-5 days)
  • Permanent home improvement that can be customized to compliment your home and your lifestyle
  • Proven product with factory controlled quality
  • Flexural strength that prevents cracking in freeze-thaw climates
  • Smooth finish means no skin abrasions
  • Non-pourous surface resists the problems associated with unbalanced water chemistry, requiring less chemical maintenance labor, and electric and is algae resistant
  • Most pool options available—perimeter tile, inlayed tile, tile mosaics, Extreme QuartzTM pool finishes, built-in cascades, streams, aromatherapy, fiber optic and LED lighting


  • Limited sizes

Vinyl Liner Pool

Blue Hawaiian explains pros and cons about Vinyl Liner pools.


  • Low initial cost


  • Temporary pool that punctures, rips and tears
  • Replacing liners periodically
  • Walls can deteriorate over time
  • Develops wrinkles over time.

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