All pools should have a fence with a self closing-self latching gate, at least four feet high. Talk with your Blue Hawaiian Dealer about installing additional safety devices like pool surface alarms, safety covers and child-safety barriers that meet your local building and safety codes and guidelines published by the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals. Safety ropes should always remain in place.

Safety should be the first priority of any new or existing pool owner. Make sure to take all the necessary steps to assure that you, your friends, family and anyone else in or around your pool are familiar with the guidelines of its safe and sensible use. Smart pool owners urge their guests to not use it under the influence of alcohol, drugs, stimulants, prescription medications, or anything else that could in any way hinder their judgement or abilities.

With your pool, you will receive a free pool Customer Information Kit, including:
  • Safety Sign Installation / Illustration Sheet
  • Children Aren’t Waterproof (NSPI Publication)
  • The Sensible Way to Enjoy Your Inground Swimming Pool (NSPI Publication)
  • Use & Care Manual
  • Warning Label
  • Signs & Labels
  • Warranty
  • Inground Pool Owner’s Handbook
  • “No Diving” Labels
We strongly recommend the use and careful placement of all safety stickers and signs included in your pool owner’s safety kit. It’s also a good idea to contact your local American Red Cross for available CPR classes and other vital safety programs.

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