Premium Finishes

The color and finish of your pool directly affects its overall appearance. Blue Hawaiian offers a variety of exclusive colored finishes along with standard gel-coats to create a wide range of effects.

Gemstone® G2

The Next Generation of Gemstone

The Latest Technologies for the Industry’s Leading Finishes
Exceptional 3D depth • Larger, layered gel flakes • Greater sparkle Enhanced gel coats • Better performance • Thoroughly field-tested

Extreme Quartz™

The Ultimate in Colored Swimming Pool Finishes

Blue Hawaiian leads the industry with its exclusive Extreme Quartz™ color process, the ultimate in colored swimming pool finishes. Extreme Quartz™ gives you a variety of colors to choose from that gives you and your guests the impact of a Sparkling Reflective Light Show, while using your pool light at night or by day under natural lighting conditions.

Standard Gel-Coat

Blue Hawaiian pools are built exactly to your specifications. There are dozens of shapes and an endless list of stunning finishing touches to create your unique Blue Hawaiian pool.

Design your dream pool with a wide variety of colors, water features, designer tile, and lighting options making your backyard a beautiful extension of your home. Your vision, your pool.

Due to the nature of photography, raw materials, and printing, variations in color may occur.

Majestic Blue | Gemstone® G2

Caribbean Blue | Gemstone® G2

Granite | Gemstone® G2

Pebble Beach | Gemstone® G2

Galaxy Blue | Extreme Quartz™

Maya | Extreme Quartz™

River Rock | Extreme Quartz™

Traditional White Gel-Coat

Light Blue Gel-Coat

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